Rod Marinelli rare reward actually amazes Jaylon Smith

When Jaylon Smith takes the field against the Texans this Sunday he will have a new uniform item. He has been spotted in the locker room the last couple of days wearing an old-school neck roll. Thanks to DC Rod Marinelli.

He explained Thursday that defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli awarded it to him in front of the entire defense earlier this week. Marinelli’s version of a trophy is rarely handed out. Only former Cowboys J.J. Wilcox and Barry Church have earned it previously.

Once it’s presented to a player, it’s for life. Rod Marinelli deemed Smith worthy for his hard-hitting style of play. Smith has also been able to showcase his pass-rushing ability more this season.

It didn’t appear dirty, technically, and Marinelli, 69, who has been doing things his way for decades, said he happened to have a few extra neck rolls in a trunk and he had to go dig one out for Smith.

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