My Cowboys: Fan Club President creates FREE ringtone from viral video

Travis Grant AKA “DJ Big Trav” President of Cowboys Nation of Toledo recently released a “My Cowboys” video going viral among Cowboys Facebook fans prior to heading to Atlanta. In addition, making it a ringtone for Cowboys fans to enjoy.

This is actually a recap of the ATL fan side of things, and how to get your ringtone. Courtesy of Travis Grant!

Prior to the ATL game he wanted to create a song that would help create buzz for their weekend events hosted by Fans Zone. In the process he managed to spread unity among some other well-known fan club presidents listed on our fan club directory.

Along with some other various notable fan base personalities.

I caught up with Travis after our Boys went into ATL, and stole a last-minute field goal win. As we head into a short Turkey Day game this week, spirits in the fan base will be riding high on our 2 game road win streak.

If you’re a fan of Jay-Z you’re going to love this video even more. It’s catchy, current, and just has a ring to it. wouldn’t you say?

Check it out for yourself below.

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Cowboys fans invade Atlanta again, but leave with a crucial win

Now we both know the Cowboys had to get that win in Atlanta by any means to keep this season relevant. That didn’t stop ATL Bock Party President Tony Thomas however. Last year we featured Tony and his club for their initial tailgate.

For the second year in a row now, his club Dallas “Cowboys Block Party ATL” has hosted Cowboys fans as they flew in for the big game. In connection with Fans Zone. Providing an event to unify Cowboys fans from around the nation.

Here is some footage from RedRocket Productions who provided their LED TV for the tailgate. You can see Tony engaging the crowd in his classic ATL Block Party jersey below.

“For all that went wrong last year we fixed it. The feedback we received says it was a home run in every aspect. Even Joe from RedRocket Productions said it was the best tailgate he had ever been apart of as a Cowboys fan.” ~Tony Thomas

How to get your FREE “My Cowboys” ringtone

All in all the weekend was complete with a Cowboys thrilling victory. Now we are into a short week where we face a division rival at home on Thanksgiving. Winning this game improves our chances of winning the division. Could this be the turning point for our team between ATL and WAS?

Let us know in a comment below.

Circling back now that the weekend has ended. Lets get your Cowboys ringtone on point! According to Travis, just simply download the 23 second track to your phone, add it to the ringtone folder, and then program it as your primary ringtone! You can also email him to send it to you directly.


Here it is below. Everyone here at OAT thanks Travis, and his release of not only the video, but the ringtone for our subscribers here.

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We here at OAT hope you have a wonderful holiday this week with family, football and friends. Where will you be watching the game Thursday? Leave us a comment below with your score predictions, and the winner will get a shot out in our next article.

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