How to Win-Win an exclusive bowling game with Jaylon Smith

Jaylon Smith is inviting all of us to play with him for epic prizes and experiences through Win-Win.

Back in 2016 I first introduced Win-Win to our readers here. As a product of their game itself winning X2 tickets to see the Cowboys visit the 49ers was mind-blowing. Getting down on the field, and meeting players afterward was an epic experience never experienced anywhere else.

Here is my throwback post for receipts.

Now you can test your skills while help raising money for Jaylon Smith, and those projects most close to him. Like his charities, and Clear Eye View brand. Making it a Win-Win as a result!

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How to play Win-Win with Jaylon Smith

Instead of reading everything I have to say just take it from Jaylon Smith himself.

OAT supports Jaylon Smith and his brand becuase it’s a Win-Win

If you been following us over the last few months you can see we clearly support all things Jaylon. He is a leader of men who week in and week out performs to the highest level.

If you know Jaylon personally his heart is very big. Let’s show him some love in return by simply helping support those things that matter to him most. In addition, helping communities he represents for the most good.

Simply click here to visit the Win-Win official site, create your account, and get in the game!

Can you imaging what it will be like to bowl with him personally? I mean, you do know this is where the “Swipe” may have originated for him right? Did you know Jaylon takes bowling seriously?

What other Cowboys fans can say they had this type of epic experience? If it’s up to me, I’m winning it and you can watch!

I’ve already made my $25 entry. I look forward to seeing you on the leaderboard week 14. Let’s go!!!

Finally, if you want to know how to hang out with Jaylon, brother Rod, and Antwan Woods in Las Vegas June 2019?

Click here and make your reservation now for the biggest Cowboys fan event in 2019!

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