Cowboys fan now face of Comcast “Internet Essentials” for veterans

First of all the world is small. Right? Then between the U.S. Navy, Comcast, and our OAT Facebook group it gets ridiculously smaller. I want to introduce you to Sean Weatherspoon today. The face of the Comcast “Internet Essentials” initiative. Sean is a retired Navy veteran like myself, and a die hard Cowboys fan from “The Big Apple.”

After a business trip to Philly with Comcast about veterans my plan was to come home and share how “Internet Essentials” are an excellent resource for veterans they may not know about.

Since 2011, “Internet Essentials” from Comcast has connected more than 6 million low-income Americans to the Worldwide Web. In which 260,000 in Washington State where I currently reside are now connected as a result. It’s extremely huge for veterans in our fan base as we have 2 retired Navy veterans leading the charge in both Sean and I.

The largest and most comprehensive high-speed broadband adoption program for low-income families in the U.S., Internet Essentials continues to thrive, with a major announcement made this month: a significant expansion of eligibility to low-income veterans.

Nearly one million low-income veterans live within the Comcast footprint.

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The back story to how this came to fruition

Earlier this year Sean and I began following one another on Instagram. Fate would have us not meetup during my trip to the NFL Draft in Dallas however. Sean is also a die-hard Cowboys fan who with a very unique twist. Sean is originally from NY. He actually became a fan during a trip to Dallas with family.

“I am a Cowboys fan from NY thanks to Tex Schramm.”

During that trip in the 80’s he met Tex, and he introduced him to the Dallas Cowboys culture. He’s been sold since.

In addition you may have seen him appear on shows like NCIS New Orleans, and also Queen of The South.

During his acting travels he secured a Comcast audition months before however. One that will eventually put him on the map. It wasn’t until this past weekend during my trip to Comcast headquarters in Philly that it all came together. Upon my return I was conducting research on “Internet Essentials'” When I visited the homepage, guess who is on the front? Yep.


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In addition to embracing low-income families and veterans, Comcast reaches out to homeless populations as well, including homeless veterans. Click the image to learn how to apply today.


I immediately snapped a screen shot, and sent him a DM this morning. It’s funny how things begin to take shape before you even know it. No wonder I missed him in Dallas at the draft. It just wasn’t meant to be at that moment. For Sean’s story with OAT just yet. As a result of this finding however let’s highlight Sean as a Cowboys fan. A very connected and respected member of the DFW community.

Why your network is your net worth

Our Facebook group of over 13k fans has talent.

From Super Bowl Champs, active Cowboys, tech founders, industry leaders, to musicians, celebrities, and now an actor. The list continues to grow.

Although Sean and I found each other via Instagram, we added him to our Facebook group where as you can see he is getting the “Blue Carpet Treatment” during the recent Eagles game.

Pictured here in the Miller Lite Club seating area directly behind the Cowboys bench. Where our #1 Fan Ms Price also can be seen.

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Our mission at OAT is to connect Cowboys fans globally through social media at fan events, and actual games. First time Uber riders click here for our OAT discount. Essentially through our Facebook group. The Cowboys fan base may have millions of fans, but there are only a few thousand or so actually making it happen for other fans. Sean is pictured here along with OAT’s very own West Coast, and Stacheman.

If you’re a fan of NCIS New Orleans you’ve likely seen Sean, or may even know him personally. Kind of fitting as he is a retired Navy “Master At Arms” or MP (Military Police). He is actually in charge of all the weapons on the show. Being the veteran, and with his resume on set, he is the resident expert at keeping things safe.

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In conclusion

OAT has numerous fans within it that are doing great things in our fan base. Football, and no-football related for that matter. Finally catching up with Sean to share more about who he is made this all the more special. Networking with fans and sharing their stories is our mission here. The “Cowboys Glue” can take us to many places we never dreamed. I was totally surprised to find Sean as the face of this initiative.

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But then again, it’s only fitting that Comcast actually has a legit veteran representing the face of it as well. I am extremely proud and hope that you will share this with other veterans to help inform them of this great resource available to them. Sean is truly a die-hard Cowboys fan that you can expect to see more and more of in the coming years.

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