How the Hot Boyz will send rivals season to the grave

The Dallas Cowboys shocked the world after beating the Saints. Now they will host the Eagles funeral on December 9th at AT&T Stadium.

Thanks to the expert vision of Stacheman.

On November 11th the Eagles fan base decided to take their best shot at us. Attempting to put the nail in the coffin of our 2018 season. Well that backfired. After going on a 4 game winning streak. In addition securing the NFC East division lead. The “Hot Boyz” are red-hot on defense, and ready to finish these fluke champions from a season ago.

Leave it to Stacheman to take the lead, and create the ultimate trolling opportunity for our fan base.

How to correctly create something viral, and then finish it with a win. I spoke with him before he released this masterpiece.

In addition, how you can actually get a picture with him, and the casket at the Cowboys Experience on December 8th.

Check out this trailer he put together to get everyone ready for the big payback video he released today! Full video embedded below. 

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Stacheman creates the ultimate Hot Boyz fan base troll of all time?

Earlier this year I was fortunate to link up with Stacheman at the NFL Draft. Essentially connecting West Coast, he, and I together for an eternity. I knew once he posted in our OAT Admin messenger group chat that he “Was looking for a coffin” he was up to something.

About a week later he calls me up to share the vision he has for our upcoming division rival game against the Eagles at home.

I was absolutely tickled. Over the next week he assembled all those involved to masterfully troll the Eagles fan base. Unlike their failed attempt.

When I asked Stacheman what was his motivation behind the video, he had this to say.

“Dont ever bring a casket to the game, and expect it not be brought back to you. This video is in response to the smart A Eagles fan that thought it would be funny to bring a casket in the back of an old dirty pickup truck to “Bury the Cowboys season.” ~ Stacheman

Meet Stacheman at the Cowboys Experience for a picture of the Hot Boyz casket

Every home game Cowboys Experience puts on an event for fans to come out and meet to engage with Cowboys players both former and current. Stacheman will be in attendance along with a host of other Cowboys fan base creatives. In addition you can meet others like, West Coast, and Mark Holmes. 

Stacheman is inviting you out to meet with him at the event. Also giving you the chance to see this casket in person. Take a picture with your favorite fan base media personality while at CE. Create a memory of a lifetime as we bury the Eagles season for good in 2018.

One thing is for sure. This is the beginning of Stacheman productions. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and subscribe to his YouTube channel below where he just published the full length video this morning!

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In conclusion

Our mission here at OAT is to connect our Cowboys fans across the nation and world through social media at live events. With that being said. Stacheman would like for you to come out and visit him at the Cowboys Experience. Simply click here for ticket pricing and admission. After the Cowboys shocked the world by beating the Saint on prime time television, expect more games to be flexed into the prime time slots.

Finally, as we close out the season over the next 4 weeks, this division game is a critical one for us. If you’re coming to the game in Dallas don’t miss this opportunity to attend the CE, and create memories of a lifetime. In addition, please be sure to subscribe to our blog here to receive more stories like these from our fan base. Directly to your inbox.

Lastly, if you would like to have your impact felt by helping shape the OAT vision, learn how to become our patron through Patreon.

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Join Stacheman along with the Hot Boyz Jaylon SMith, and brother Rod, Antwuan Woods, Chidobe Awuzie, Kavon Frazier and others next summer at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for the biggest Cowboys fan base event of the year! 

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Update December 14, 2018: The actual ceremony that’s going viral on Facebook

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