Referee conspiracy against Cowboys gets boost with this find

In the month of November Fansided published an article about a potential conspiracy between the NFL referees, and the Dallas Cowboys. This was going into the Eagles game as they visited Dallas.

“These things happen to every team, but 29 straight quarters? I can’t remember another stretch like that for another team.”

After the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Giants on Sunday, Demarcus Lawrence had a few choice words for the refs in this post game interview.

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Today Dallas Staff Writer David Helman tweeted out this gem. You guessed it right, Dallas was dead last on the list for the 2017 season. Can you see not only the frustration of Demarcus, but the entire fan base?

Could this be the work of Roger Goodell?

Thankfully all has been quiet the last 2 weeks between the league and the Cowboys organization. In particular with Jerry Jones and the Commissioner. ESPN published an article highlighting the meeting between owners and the Commissioner in Dallas this week here.

Considering the inconsistency with the work of the NFL Commissioner to date I would not put it past the league if this conspiracy had more proof exposed in the coming weeks. We Know head coach Jason Garrett will not speak up for Dlaw, so we here at OAT took it on by advocating on his behalf to bring more attention to it here.

During the Giants game however there was 1 holding call in the Cowboys favor, and 1 against the Redskins the week before according to Cowboys Wire.

Men lie, women lie, but numbers dont. You be the judge weather the NFL has it our for the Dallas Cowboys.

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