What The Fuck is an NFL off-season anyway?

We are now officially inside the NFL off-season. The longest time of the year for NFL fans with no football. The dreaded 7 months WE wait until the NFL Hall of Fame game in Canton, OH. What will NFL fans like you and I do until then?

When I discovered this annual lifestyle inside the Facebook group Official America’s Team I was fascinated. Long gone are the days of just being a fan on gamedays cheering on America’s Team. The “New Normal” NFL fans have become “Built Different” thanks to the ’20 season.

Now in February of ’22, I have just one question for the “Other 31” NFL teams not named the Dallas Cowboys. What The Fuck is an NFL off-season anyway? For the next 7 months, I want to share with you how these Cowboys fans stay dedicated to their team every day of the year.

Borracho Tailgaters, OAT, Mission, Vision, unity, Comcast Cowboy, Cowboys fan, social media personality, WTF
Borrachos Tailgaters mission and vision built through unity.

WTF is the NFL off-season Blueprint?

Since 2016 these Facebook streets have changed for NFL fans. My initial vision was to connect and unify Cowboys fans across the globe through social media. On the first-ever Cowboys Club Directory. Fans from both coasts, the middle, Mexico, and the UK to name of few regions.

While serving in the United States Navy from 93-16 as a Cowboys fan I longed for communities like these fan clubs. Spread across the nation. The first part of a blueprint for the “Other 31” teams this NFL off-season is to follow our design here. A design I am willing to share with other NFL fan creators.

Our goal is to identify the other fans who are “Leaders” in the “Other 31” NFL teams and connect them to our fan base leadership. Ultimately communicating and coordinating combined assets for the best fan experience at every event this season. Like player meet and greets, tailgates, and takeovers to name a few.

Antwaun Woods, Cowboys fan club, WTF
Star Status Cowboys Connection President Kevin Harris (Middle Left) and DJ Kai (End Left) of One Star One Family both worked to help Antwuan Woods give 100 kids backpacks in “The Jungle” of Los Angeles in 2019.

Only The Hard

After 6 years of learning from the best and brightest in our fan base, it is time to expand our WOMM network. With a special focus on the “Other 31” NFL team’s fan bases. Are you a leader, or creator in your fan base who has a network of self-sufficient NFL fans? If so connect with us here today.

Not all NFL fans will be able to make this WTF cut, however. Only the hard will survive. Over this span of years, I have seen creators come and go. For those who have stayed around for the long haul thank you. This takes serious dedication and commitment along with being a fan of your favorite team. I’m not talking about taking 100 selfies a day in your gear creator either.

We are looking to connect, mentor, and share the game we have accumulated in the name of expansion with other NFL like-minded self-sufficient fans. Which NFL team will become the first to tailgate with the most die-hard NFL fans you have ever seen in Dallas this season? Be sure to subscribe to my blog today to be the first to know about all our events this season.

Seattle Tailgate, Cowboys Fans, OAT, Barry Gipson, Comcast Cowboy, NFL off-season, WTF
Over 300 Dallas Cowboys fans tailgate in Seattle prior to the game in 2019.

Learn More about our ‘Built Different” Network here. Until then WTF are you doing this NFL off-season?

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