How to stream “Square Groupers” with The Cannabis Cowboy & BG

What are Square Groupers, and who is The Cannabis Cowboy?

When I first heard about Square Grouper I was in a creative space on the phone. Brainstorming an upcoming story idea behind a potential Cocaine Cowboys concept. Then Bob casually shared with me he actually met Billy Corben at the “International Church of Cannabis and Colour” in Denver at a screening of Square Grouper. Then the perfect storm hit us.

Our OAT Admin Bob “The Cannabis Cowboy” Reilly originally from Miami,  but currently in Denver recently launched his Patreon exclusively for cannabis industry growers and it’s consumers. During that process, we’ve both been working behind the scenes to produce our new show ‘Square Groupers” on YouTube exclusively.


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From Seattle to South Beach

With the recent presidential election concluding many states have now tied their boats up to the piers of the cannabis industry. Both through voting and forward-thinking as a result. Furthermore, the same type of blue-sky thinking and navigation will be on display during our shows. Essentially untying our lines from the pier, and getting our boat underway for this financial tsunami on the radar.

Why is OAT smuggling this exclusive cannabis dopamine content onto its members?

It’s more about connecting fans out there who think along those same shipping lanes. How to blog/ vlog niche 101. Instead of another copy and paste Dallas Cowboys Facebook Live show together we’re going to change the game with the 411 on this developing industry, and how our viewers can actually capitalize on it as a result!

Square Groupers, The Cannabis Cowboy
Billy Corben ( L ) creator of Cocaine Cowboys 1 & 2, and Square Grouper.  Roben Farzad ( R )
Wrote “Hotel Scarface” about the mutiny hotel in Coconut Grove, FL that catered to smugglers, dealers, and murderers.
Bob (M) met them both at the “International Church of Cannabis and Colour” in Denver at a screening of Square Grouper.

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What kind of chart will Square Groupers plot?

Bob and I both love the Dallas Cowboys. In addition, we enjoy medical cannabis every Wednesday at 3 PM PST. We will stream a Facebook live show through StreamYard. Covering topics like benefits, use, current cannabis events, most importantly legislation news. In addition, unpacking and recommending products from our local dispensaries, and online network affiliates.

Creating yet another “Built Different” concept on how to catch NFL fans on social media with the Square Groupers hook. With Bob, The Cannabis Cowboy as the Captain of the ship our chart is definitely plotted 4 success.

Of course, we’re gonna talk Dallas Cowboys football, to some degree. What better way however than to decompress and medicate as a “Grouper” over your favorite strain after the next Jones bait & switch? Weekly as we continue to endure this pandemic-ridden NFL season. There’s a reason cannabis was deemed essential during the quarantine. Our goal is to improve the mental health conditions of our viewers.

Square Groupers, The Cannabis Cowboy
Check out our new show “Square Groupers” where you can learn how to actually get a medical cannabis card during the pandemic.

Wrapping it all up in a blunt

Bob and I go way back to the beginning days of OAT in 2016. We previously held many back-channel phone conversations last year on how to crack the medical cannabis conversation into OAT with other Admins. To continue to educate and inform our members through social media around the world. Primarily all things Dallas Cowboys, and now with Square Groupers.

Square Groupers is also a play on words. When it comes to Facebook and how we communicate verbally through screens. Square Groupers could also mean a group of members chatting on a YouTube live video shared to the OAT Facebook group. On a square device like a phone, tablet, or laptop.

Last but not NFC Least

Please watch our latest stream below. We also talk about newly legalized states, and social media 101. Especially when it comes to Square Groupers in the OAT “Built DIfferent” network. In addition, please be sure to subscribe to my blog here today, and get notified of new Square Groupers content directly to your inbox.

Would you like to make your impact felt even more? Financially? Click the orange button below to learn more about Bob’s Patreon below, and how you can win awesome prizes from both OAT creators on and off our new exclusive YouTube show.

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See you in the square groupers.


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