The Six Degrees of Star Separation among Dallas Cowboys fans

The “Six Degrees of Star Separation” is a new idea that all people are six, or fewer, social media connections away from each other as Dallas Cowboys fans. Thanks to Cheef. When it comes to the doppelganger rule however this actually hits hard like a double whammy.

I remember very vividly that day in 2017 Cheef #7 calling me in my garage. Attempting to recruit me to the Hard Hittahz Movement in the way many of you know how he did personally. At the time there were no designated recruiters. Yet. We finally met at the NFL draft in 2018.

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Within this picture, we can trace back 12 years of die-hard #3 Cowboys fans who have separately, and collectively influenced an entire NFL fan base globally. The Dallas Cowboys fan base is just “Built Different” than those other 31 teams.

Cheef was literally influencing a nation of die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans on and off social media from the Star in Frisco, TX himself. He was just emotionally “Built Different” as an NFL fan in that aspect. He was executing the Six Degrees of Star Separation daily.

While Cheef was busy building the DFW Hard Hittahz chapter he was activley recruiting new members while simultaneously building out-of-state chapters. During 2016 Cheef met Brian “HardCore” Herrin out of Atlanta from Facebook who drove to DFW to meet Cheef personally about the Movement. The rest is history.

Six Degrees of Star Separation on being “Built Different” as NFL fans

There are currently Hard Hittahz descending upon the Star in DFW this week for the game against the Atlanta Falcons. Led by now “National Recruiter” Hardcore #23.

A short few months after the unfortunate passing of Cheef earlier this year his influential spirit takes on a more global role with the two currently. Hardcore and I have actually met at several events, and home openers since 2017. Not only a member of my Facebook group OAT, but also a proud Patron of the OAT “Built Different” vision.

Six Degrees Of Star Seperation

He is leading roughly about 60 die-hard fans between 7 chapters into Arlington to connect with other Hard Hittahz as we kickoff the Patron “Bird Gauntlet” challenge for the 2020 NFL season. In addition, the “States United” program is also managed by Hardcore and overseen by co-founders Coach and Sir Duke.

It actually allows newly recruited Hittahz to form in states that are underrepresented to attract, and unite other die-hard fans across social media within the 50 United States. Until an actual chapter is formed as a result in that state. After Dallas and Atlanta which four remaining US cities will compose the 5 Point OAT Star?

Hardcore actually became a Cowboys fan in 1977. He too enjoyed watching Roger Staubach growing up. In Georgia, he said there were only Steelers and Boys fans then, and he loved the Star. His name “Hardcore” represents him well.

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Take your pandemic fan passion to the highest level of networking this season

When they say WE all have a living twin, or doppelganger in this world, Hardcore and I have often been mistaken for each other. Maybe because we are 2 old white guys with gray beards. Either way, this blog post was actually inspired by him thanks to his support over the last 2 years with the OAT Patreon. A project long overdue. Thank you, brother.

For many of you discovering this kind of hardcore die-hard Cowboys lifestyle for the first time, you have options before you today. In addition to the Hard Hittahz Movement, feel free to contact Hardcore on Facebook. Thanks to the pandemic the Cowboys fan base is currently being “Built Different” this season as a result.

One Star One Family. OAT, Six Degrees Of Star Seperation
Dallas Cowboys fans are deep on the West Coast. Learn about “One Star One Family” and this OAT Patron’s concept in central California.

Stay tuned as we head into the second week of the bird guantlet challenge when we face the Seattle Seahawks in a fanless stadium. The state rules in WA when it comes to social gatherings are also built differently. Don’t expect too many fans period to show. The whole west coast has been up in smoke lately. Another opportunity for the Six Degrees of Star Separation to manifest, yet again.

Lastly, if you consider yourself an “Early Adopter” when it comes to new digital things being “Built Different” on social media then the OAT network is definitely for you this season! Join 39 other smart Cowboys fans today, and learn more when you click the “Orange” button below. Limited positions remain so hurry and click now!

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