What these 2 owners have in common with Amari Cooper, and Legends

Amari Cooper is now a Dallas Cowboy. Why, and how he became one lead’s us to decipher a potentially hidden Legends message. One many Cowboys fans may not hear due to the media noise surrounding the timing of it.

I’m sure most of us here have heard the phrase in our lives “Follow the money.” Right? This is the frame of mind I need you to be in right now.

Forget about the players for now. In order to understand how, and why the Dallas Cowboys are moving like they are. We must think like Jerry Jones, and his Jones family vision. Bottom line over everything. Including championships.

These are the things that keep me awake at 2:32 AM in the morning while conducting research, and connecting dots.

Will Cain shares that a story is all about framing

This is my attempt to frame a message for fans to get a fresh new perspective on things. Thanks to this Will Cain exchange with Brandon Contes. As a result of my research, I have come up with 2 reasons why we gave up a #1 Draft pick for Amari Cooper at this juncture.

A smoke screen move to satisfy fans outcry, and set the table even further for the Raiders in Vegas and the Jones family pocket books.

Earlier this month I broke down how Jason Garrett and Sean McVay measured up in terms of coaching in the NFL. Thinking this was our only major problem at the time getting to the next level. Now it couldn’t be more clear.

Little did I know above all of that, Jones was the lead blocker on leading the Rams downfield to LA for good reason. In addition, he has an even bigger vision to threaten other NFL owners pockets.

Potentially with enough leverage to get enough buy-in from the NFL in the process. The vision of high value ticket suite sales, name licensing rights, and NFL fan experiences.

Here is what the Wall Street Journal had to say about Jones’ vision in the fall of 2017.

Legends, which he co-founded in 2008, has recently been in the middle of those deals. In January 2016, Jones’s support was critical to Rams owner Stan Kroenke getting league approval to move the team from St. Louis and build a new stadium at the site of the Hollywood Park racetrack in Inglewood, Calif. After the Rams’ plan won the day, Legends secured contracts to sell suites and sponsorships for the $2.6 billion stadium now under construction.”

With that being said, all 3 stadiums now with Rams, Raiders, and 49ers all fall within the Legends way. Talk about getting involved a good thing on the ground floor.


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First piece of roof is on at LASED! 📸: @rams

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What Davis and Jones are potentially up to involving Amari Cooper trade

My late mother Grace, a Dallas born native and die-hard Cowboys fan (RIP) always told me growing up that you can learn more by what a man does and his intent, rather than what he says.

When Jon Gruden traded their best defensive player in Mack this season, the entire NFL lost their minds. Including myself. How, why, and for what? These are questions we can start to find answers to as the season unfolds more.

Gruden is now being discussed as coach who came in to blow up a team, and rebuild it from scratch. Much like old blue eyes said, “My Way.” With the purpose of building an even younger team through the 2019 draft. Preparing to capitalize on potential Vegas ticket buyers and licensing rights through a company called Legends.

Also a similar strategy to duplicate what the Rams are doing for the city of Los Angeles.

Doubling down big on the Las Vegas relocation, and Grudens 10 year $100 Million contract to give it all the time it needs to manifest without pressure. Now that extensive Gruden deal is beginning to make more sense. Literally.

For the time being the Raiders are now in “Just Cover Baby” mode, instead of winning. because the only thing that comes before winning are the bottom lines for NFL owners like Davis, Jones, and others in on the coo-per.

Do you think it’s coincidental that the relocation of the 49ers, Rams, and now the Raiders all have Jerry Jones fingerprints all over it? There is a financial reason why he was instrumental in them all. Legends.

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Prescott and Cooper are simply pawns in the NFL owner’s game of chess

NFL owners could care less about a player’s legacy. Reference Khalil Mack, one of the most talented defenders the NFL has ever seen. Or maybe even Tony Romo. Talent is just that, unless it aligns with the overall agenda in the grand scheme of things.

Things that make us go hmmmm.

The Cooper trade can additionally be seen now as a future investment by Jones in the Raiders relocation. Rather than one to make Dallas great again primarily. The timing couldnt be better for both Gruden and Jones. Both simply making money moves.

Now if the Cooper trade were to miraculously work out for the Cowboys offensively, and it translate into wins; That’s having friends with benefits. Let’s be honest here with each other. We both know that’s not why they made the trade.

All the while for now making it look like the Cowboys are answering the cries from a fan base for change. Instead of the obvious, and firing his coach.

No. We help our buddy Davis out, and stand to benefit in the process. In addition, setting the stage for the Prescott “boom or bust” contract scenario/ fall out after this season. Thank you Colin Cowherd for validating this point.

I still think that until Garrett get’s an authentically reported extension from Jones, he is in uncharted territory until then as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Hey Dak and Zeke, take note of how Emmitt shares his “The King of Leverage” story

On the back-end of Cooper trade however it gives Gruden an additional 1st round pick in the 2019 draft. Giving him more ability to build younger, faster, and quicker. All the while manage who they need to pay on the current Raiders roster long-term in the process more effectively and easily.

It may not make sense now, but in the coming years we will see NFL owners doing everything they can to not have to pay its players big contracts. Like bringing in Cooper to fully expose Dak Prescott to the max. Documentation as Colin so eloquently stated.

If he (Dak) can’t throw to the receiving corps we have now, how does the Cooper trade even make sense? Not at this particular time. Especially for a 1st round pick! Big media continues to drive a narrative that it will solve our current woes. “Jerry Speak.”

Again, I am an open-minded Cowboys fan who remains optimistic until proven otherwise. I’m not wishing any player to fail. NFL team’s, and their leadership know more about their players than you and I likely ever will.

It’s how, when, and what they choose to do with them that is result orientated. Good, bad, or indifferent. Just ask Rico Gathers.

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Denzel Washington said it best in Training Day. “This shit’s chess, it aint checkers motherfucker.”

Davis appears endeared to Jones like Officer Hoyt was with Lonzo.

Mr. Jones is always thinking 3 and 4 moves ahead like Lonzo did. This is how he built his family empire. You can believe all that noise Jerry Jones is feeding the media about him believing in Dak as a long-term QB if you want to.

He’s (Jones) very strategic with the media if you really know “Jerry Speak.”

Meanwhile the other #4, in Derek Carr is also now coming up as potentially expendable player on the Raiders. He tries to convince you other wise yesterday on Twitter.

I’m not buying it, and neither should you. If only Jones could assemble a winning organization of his own leadership like he does assembling aggressive money driven NFL owners. Imagine that. This was related to a question I asked in my Facebook group OAT with over 12k Cowboys fans yesterday. The responses were varied.

What the real message is about, is for Jones and his allegiance of owners like Rams Kroenke, Raiders Davis, and 49ers Jed York with Legends. In addition what it also means to their bottom line in years to come.

The NFL and owners are now essentially taking the strategy of what our fan clubs are currently to the ultimate level for game day experiences.

YG also said it best. “Big bank take little bank.”

Here is Emmitt Smith helping to promote the NFL on Location agenda.

Legends is a hospitality venture co-owned by Jerry Jones and the New York Yankees. One that is currently being campaigned by NFL owners to partner with its existing NFL provider, NFL On location. That is unless, other owners wont allow Jones to elevate the NFL for free through this partnership out of spite of his seniority and vision.

Dont take my word for it however. The cat has apparently been out of the bag on this one since last year. I’m just here to connect the dots for our readers.

When you follow the money you get answers

As I alluded to in the introduction when you follow the money it makes more sense, literally. I mean, come on. Don’t insult our Cowboys fan base media personalities, and their collective intelligence.

This is why I choose to put myself out on an island with this conspiracy theory most will likely label.

Many fans may not care about this hidden message. Some will however. This is for you. Either way there is no coincidence in it all. Fans are beginning to become #cowboyswoke due to their lack of patience, and winning at a high level with our current Cowboys leadership over the last 20 plus years.

After having my appendix removed almost a week ago, all this information presented itself to me. While laying in my hospital bed. After the trade, I listened to NFL Network all day Monday listening for clues. Enquiring minds want to know damn it!

You be the judge however. Thank you all who checked in on me, and prayed for my speedy recovery.

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As for me and my focus, I have taken it off the actual Cowboys players for now.

Until our leadership can quantify their actions effectively to convince me otherwise. They’re (players) simply a by product of these scenarios. In my 20 plus years of serving in the U.S. Navy I know one thing for certain. There is always a bigger agenda most are not privied to.

A hidden message, agenda, or conspiracy theory. So please stay woke Cowboys Nation. #cowboyswoke

When it comes to big business like the NFL, what would make you think it were any different? I mean come on, you really think these owners are putting its players first all the time? Heck No. It’s a business that most players say is called “Not For Long.”

This is now evident with the Raiders latest moves. In the coming weeks it will tell the Cowboys story with Dak.

Always follow the money.

What are your thoughts on what these 2 owners have in common? In addition how Jerry Jones stands to change the game yet again for his allegiance with these 4 combined owners, and possibly the entire NFL?

Please leave me a comment below, and I will be absolutely sure to answer each of them.

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