Official America*s Team

Why this Facebook group is in a category of it’s own.

We are Official America’s Team on Facebook!

Our Official America*s Team Facebook group is up and growing! We now have our own official site, Facebook Fan page, and Instagram fan page to assist in helping our group grow! This is our year Cowboy Nation, and we will travel this journey together this season as the first ever Facebook Legacy Group!

Why I created this group. I have been a Cowboy fan since 1985 when I attended my first game in Irving Stadium when our Boys played the “Super Bowl Shuffle” Chicago Bears and was routed 44-0. Even though we were down I was still 11 years old cheering on my team to keep fighting regardless of the score. If you could have seen the look on peoples faces. The look of, just sit down it is over….

Cowboys #11 Danny White escaping Pressure from Chicago’s #95 Richard Dent in November 17, 1985 game in Dallas’ Irving Stadium.

Bringing back full circle. I was able to celebrate America*s Team during the 1990’s, and after joining the Navy in 1993 I have represented America*s Team through and through.

One thing I know about professional sports is, you can only be down for a period of time before the pendulum swings back up to success. That is this year. 2018 will be the year Cowboy Nation shocks the world and returns to it’s dominant position in the NFL.

The vision of our collective effort and purpose

Call it intuition, but whatever it is I have never stopped believing in our beloved Cowboys since the 80’s. I wanted to create something special to share with all of those who were faithful like myself. If not even more to be apart of something truly special. This was the birth of our legacy group. We will travel this journey and experience the high’s and lows leading us to the Lombardi Trophy in 2018!

Join our group, and invite all your friends and family before the season kick’s off. Our goal is to reach 20,000 members before then to show our dominance and will our team together to a championship!

It is our year as Official America*s Team to represent and take home the title! There will be many that oppose this belief, and impose their hate upon our franchise again. It is our duty to band together and fight it, and will our team to victory!


Join our group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/officialamericasteam/

Barry Gipson

Barry Gipson AKA the "Comcast Cowboy" is just a die hard true blue Cowboys fan on a mission to connect America*s Team, and it's fan base globally with the first ever Cowboys fan website "Built By Fans, For Fans!" OAT- Official America*s Team!

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