Announcing first ever directory for Dallas Cowboys fan clubs

Aligning the Clubs around the globe in 2018

List your Dallas Cowboys Fan Clubs today on our Official Cowboy Club Directory.

Our mission at OAT is to connect all Dallas Cowboys fans globally. As we continue to grow our directory it is because of fans like you who are out there representing America*s Team to the fullest. We here at OAT want to recognize your efforts, and connect you with other fans who would love to become apart of your family.

In addition OAT is the only site dedicated to the Dallas Cowboys fan base. OAT is your ultimate destination to get the pulse of fan clubs around the globe.  As a result we are writing their collective stories here.

What separates OAT, and the Dallas Cowboys fans from other fan sites

Our unique approach at OAT includes creating an online community much like a social media platform. Our online community has the ability to connect with one another. In addition participate in events during the off-season like this 2017 “Cowboys Miami Takeover!”

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Unlike the other 31 NFL team fans, being a Dallas Cowboys fan is a lifestyle. A way of life.

A culture that takes no days off. We understand that and strive to keep our members in the know year round. One such event is the annual “Takeover” where all fan clubs choose an away game each year to “Show up, and show out” by representing their clubs. An unbelievable weekend each season packed with events leading up to the game. Next years will be determined after the conclusion of the 2018 season.

Stay tuned for details as they emerge. Subscribe today to our growing email community to best stay informed.

We are also willing to bring on volunteers from your clubs, and mentor them as contributors to our site. This will help your grow your clubs awareness, and also allow your stories to be told first hand from your members.

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Why you need to list your fan clubs with us

The real benefit will be for those fan clubs who travel to games the ability to link up with local clubs, and share their experiences together on game days. Many clubs are spread out and even have their members located in separate states. In addition, many fan clubs conduct community service projects with their members having their impact felt outside of the game.

Strength is in numbers, and when Cowboys fan clubs get together anything can be accomplished. We look forward to connecting with your fan clubs, and building our network with you together.

The 1st website ever for Dallas Cowboys fans. “Built By Fans, For Fans!”

In Conclusion

The Dallas Cowboys fan base has some of the most talented fans within it. Stay tuned as we feature these fans and their stories in addition to the clubs in 2019. If you would like to have your impact felt please visit our Patreon Project. Where fans just like you can assist building this online community. Directly impacting and adding your insight to our vision here.

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An example of your clubs listing will be as follows:

DEMBOYZ Dallas Cowboys Fan Club Of North Carolina

President: Joe L. Drakeford

Contact info: president@demboyznc.net

PH: 980-722-7683

 Location: Charlotte, NC

 Website: www.demboyznc.net

Facebook: @demboyznc

If your club is interested in listing please submit the above contact information in the contact box below. Once we will receive we will verify with the President that the information is accurate then list it on our site.

The best part about it for your club is, it’s FREE!

For more details contact: info@officialamericasteam.com

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Barry Gipson

Barry Gipson AKA the "Comcast Cowboy" is just a die hard true blue Cowboys fan on a mission to connect America*s Team, and it's fan base globally with the first ever Cowboys fan website "Built By Fans, For Fans!" OAT- Official America*s Team!

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