Why every Cowboys fan will absolutely love SportsCon

DFW to host 3rd annual SportsCon with fans in mind

In the summer of 2017 the National Fantasy Football Convention (NFFC) kicked off their inagural event at the Fair Park in Dallas. Last year it was held in Fort Worth (DFW) at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. July 13-15th. Click the link above for details and prcing. Let me first just say this; I truly believe there were more Cowboys fans in attendance that do not play fantasy football, than those who actually do last year.

Why do you need to know that?

Considereing there will be over 150 NFL players and personalities on hand, Cowboys fans can cash in by meeting their favorite players, and then some. Even a Cowboys fan like you who cares nothing about fantasy football can walk away with an awesome memory. If you do play? Oh, you’re like a kid on Christmas morning,

This was the vision of the convention however.  For all who attend to make a life long lasting memory of meeting your favorite NFL players. Fan engagement at it’s finest and purest form. Not just getting an autograph with a table between you both when you meet.

Here is a quick recap video from last year that NFFC put together for us.

Keeping you in the loop with events like these is our mission here at OAT. In addtion, one of our very own, and the “Voice of The West Coast” vloggers will be on hand (subject to change) to bring you this event on “Facebook Live” for those who cannot attend. Must see TV!

Tyson “The West Coast Cowboy” will be there to engage Cowboys fans on social media and bring you live coverage. Please be sure to follow his Facebook page DCS below, and turn on your “Notifications” as to not miss any of his broadcast’s! Here is a more recent post about the changed venue name and event.

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Who is actually behind the SportsCon?

During my trip to the NFL Draft last year in Dallas I unexpectedly ran into the brains behind SportsCon. Actually passing out fliers in the parking lot of AT&T Stadium. Strategically positioned, and catching fans depart after our 1st RD pick. I was truly not suprised, but rather inspired.

He along with his SportsCon mastermind have single handedly brought this tremendous event to life 3 years consecutively now as a result.

Seeing him promote this event himself in the parking lot was truly inspirational. This type of passion is why every Cowboys fan in the DFW area should not miss out on this opportunity to meet your favorite players. Go witness Andy’s vision and presentation for yourselves!

Throwback to last year when the hottest🔥 household name in #fantasyfootball you never heard of 📸 @fantasyfootballcounselor and I linked up at the @gonffc headed up by @andyalberth here at the MVP Party in Dallas while at @decondragon 🤠 ***************************************** This year @tyson_west_coast_cowboy will be live for all #cowboysnation to get a peek inside with 📽 so go follow him! I encourage all @NFL fans to attend! ***************************************** #gonffc #nffc #dfw #fantasyfootballconvention #andyalberth #dallascowboys #wedemboyz #americasteam #cowboysfootball #OAT #builtbyfansforfans #allornothing #DC4L #cowboys #dallas #fanclubs #fans #wethefans #ffcounselor #fantasyfootballcounselor #podcast #fire

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At the MVP kickoff party 2 years ago I was fortunate to briefly meet Andy Alberth, actual cousin of Tony Romo. He shared some challenges they were facing with the NFL. Back in the summer 2015 Tony was the headliner and planned to launch in Vegas initially. In 2016 the NFL succeeded again by stoppng it in Los Angeles. The following year in 2017 Andy took the lead on it, and actually made it happen in Dallas.

For those who do play fantasy football you’re in for a blast

Form fantasy football panels, to booths with your favorite fantasy football vendors, to meeting actual players, and NFL personalities you’re sure to get your money’s worth at SortsCon. Prior to attending 2 years ago, I had begun following an up and coming game changer authority in the fantasy football industry.

Thanks to following his content, when he announced he was going to the SportsCon in 2017 I wanted to get OAT connected to this authority figure! Thank me later if you just discovered him as a result of reading this. If you play fantasy football check out his C.U.D.D.Y. System. I’ve followed it and dominated my leagues as a result. Best fantasy football investment ever made. Grab his most recent cheat sheet here now.

I’ve recently spoke with him about what his plans are for this SportsCon, and you would’nt believe it if I told you. You actually have to go and see for yourself. Lets just say, it will actually be outside the box for this type of event. Must see in person! Our very own OAT Admin Josh Orozco walked away with his beautiful fantasy frames product that he raffled off last year. See my Vlog below.

If you’re really into Fantasy Football you want to soak up all of his content for sure on his Instagram page,  and YouTube channel. His Podcast is actually the #1 Fantasy Football Podcast to listen to on every platform imagineable! He is so passionate about helping others and I really like this about him.


I guarantee you he will be a major headliner for this event next year in Dallas. Unless he changes up when he makes it to ESPN or something. I seriously doubt it though. He is a bit of an outsider that loves to ruffle the “Consheepsus” way of thinking.

To get a discount on your admission ticket. Use code “Instagram.” It will save you $20 off! Get your tickets here!

The Counselor is a Colts fan by heart, but he calls it like he sees it! Check him showing Dak and Zeke some fantasy love recently!

I’m excited to see what Dak does this year! The so called Fantasy Experts are down on him this year. Which makes no sense. Even with a relatively low year with 22 TDs and 13 int, he still finished 11th among QBs. I know he doesn’t like to throw interceptions and his Td to Int ratio will look a lot better this year. Apparently he’s chop liver to the consensus rankings. I EVEN see him going undrafted in Mock drafts! This is insane. Don’t believe the mainstream. Dak is a stud and with Zeke back and his young receivers, he has time to build the chemistry and have a great season. He’s a dual threat, protected by the best O line in football. @_4dak is why I wait on QBs in Fantasy Football! @ezekielelliott @dallascowboys @a1hurns

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In conclusion

Much like my recent trip to Miami for the Cowboys Miami Takeover 2018, I wanted to bring you up close and personal to each event OAT attends.  Peek below at my Vlog from 2017. This will give you a true idea of what to expect. I seriously encourage all local Cowboys fans to attend. It will be fun and memorable. I promise you.

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****Disclaimer; Full Credit to Cowboys Life Car Club. Not Cowboys Life Family as these are 2 differnet clubs. During my VLog I did not properly give credit where due.*******

Look behind the scenes of the first ever NFFC with OAT from Barry Gipson on Vimeo.


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